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Monday, November 5, 2007

We, SK Kampong Gelam CyberkidsSquad would like to dedicate all of the people who are supporting us from day 1, especially to the teachers of SK Kampong Gelam, fellow from other Maxis Cyberkids Camp such as SK Chembong, Negeri Sembilan. Not to forget the Maxis Cyberkids crew who always giving us support to complete the project. Indeed, we have lots of problem throughout the program but Alhamdulillah, we are still able to finish and complete it and atleast fulfill the objective. Thank you.

As a conclusion, here we list out the things that we've done whether we meet the objective or not.


As a support to our goverment effort to send a Malaysian born astronaut to outer space, we are going to present you our replica of a full-spec space shuttle, build by using waste or recycle materials. To give awareness to the pupils and public the benefit of recycling and help to make our environment clean and healthy, we hope that this project will atleast educate our society to appreciate and to keep our earth clean. Together with this, we are going to make presentations and competitions related to the project and let the community get involved with the project.


Clearly, we have meet our objective and as an addition, we are able to build a dedicated blog specifically to the Angkasawan Program and as a tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Malaysia independence.

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These are the list of items that we bought throughout the program. Maxis Cyberlinq Committee have kindly granted each of us finalist RM1000 fund to be used for the project.

1. Canon Pixma IP1880 Printer ----------------- RM 148.00
2. Aerosol Paint ------------------------------ RM 43.45
3. Masking Tapes ------------------------------ RM 16.50
4. Prizes ------------------------------------- RM 559.45
5. Stationary --------------------------------- RM 100.45

TOTAL ----------------------------------------- RM 867.85


Balance = Maxis Cyberlinq Phase 1 Fund - Total expenditure
      = RM 1000 - RM 867.85
      = RM 132.15

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Finally, our full spec space shuttle has been completed by using lots of recycle materials, mostly plastic bottles and aluminium tin cans. Thanks to all SKKG CyberkidsSquad members and all pupils who helped to make this come true.

The model supposed to be displayed under 'Balai Bacaan' hut. But, due to the unpredictable weather, which is raining most of the week, we've decided to put the model in the Computer Lab which is our CyberkidsSquad headquarters.

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

As the miniature finally restored, we started to build the shuttle tank and the rocket thruster.

Next, is to add the skin of the tank and thruster.

Spraying time!!!!

And all ready for assembly!!!

Tomorrow we are going to assemble all the parts and do the decals on it. Hopefully, we will not bump into problems. All the best for tomorrow!!

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This was our previous miniature project which was conducted for the 1st Phase of Maxis Cyberlinq Competition. This miniature is a successful model which attract most of our pupil to participate in our programs and activities.

This is the look of the model with half of its skin

The finished model with the engines and rockets

Front look
Front look

Rear End
Rear End

Unfortunately, the miniature skin collapse due to air-cond environment which caused the tapes to peel-off it body. Therefore, the restoration process had been undergone to tackle the problem. The skin is now replaced by duct tapes which is commonly used to seal paper boxes. By using this, the grip of the skin is tight enough and can cope with any kind of temperature.

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Simple competition opened to all pupils of Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampong Gelam. The winners are:

1. Khairi bin Yatim
2. Wan Firdaus bin Adam
3. Amin bin Yatim


1. Noor Izzati Faeqah
2. Puteri Nur Hazwani
3. Nuridayu

1. Nur Athirah - 1 INOVATIF
2. Faiz Danial Jaffri - 1 INOVATIF
3. Norsyakirah bt Bachik - 1 INOVATIF


1. Nur Arina bt M. Tarmizi - 2 KREATIF
2. Natasya Marasip - 2 PROGRESIF
3. Nr Liyana Abdullah - 2 KREATIF


1. Muhammad Nur Romadhan b Hasan - 3 KREATIF
2. Siti Nuradilah Ahmad - 3 PROGRESIF
3. Nurul Suaidah bt Ismail - 3 KREATIF

1. Murshidah Rahimi - 4 KREATIF
2. Siti Nurnasuha Ramli - 4 KREATIF
3. Nur Ayuni Zailan - 4 KREATIF


1. Nur Fariha Zawawi - 5 KREATIF
2. Muhd Ikhwan Shamsuri - 5 KREATIF
3. Nor Fazlin Mohd Kassim - 5 KREATIF


1. Ahmad Iffan Zailani - 6 KREATIF
2. M. Amir Hakim Azali - 6 KREATIF
3. Nur Zahirah Zawawi - 6 KREATIF

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The quiz is randomly held in a weekly assembly. Teacher will read an excerpt of Angkasawan Program and the questions were asked on the spot based on the excerpt read. The first pupil to answer the question correctly is the winner. The questions are:

1. Who is Malaysia's first astro/cosmonauts?
2. When is SOYUZ TMA-11 launched to outer space?
3. The height differences experienced by the astronouts when they were in space?

The Winners

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